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Non-Equity the Musical! began on November 13, 2011 when the Golden Fleece Ltd. had it's night of "Sunday Nights at Square One" workshop series. This workshop invited six new musicals to present fifteen minutes of a project they were working on. Non-Equity the Musical! presented three songs and a short scene and was overwhelmed by the audience's response. A producer in the audience came up after the show inviting the writers to use his theatre for a night if the show was ready. They of course said, "Yes!"


In the next three months Danielle and Paul wrote, cast, rehearsed and put up the first staged reading of Non-Equity the Musical! on March 24th, 2012 to great admiration.


July 9th - July 15th, the Merry Go Round Playhouse invited the creative team to come to Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival to present Non-Equity the Musical! at the Pitch. Danielle and Paul were unsure how they're show would go since the Auburn audience is generally over the age of 60 and not familiar with the "Non-Equity" life.  After five performances, Paul and Danielle were surprised and humbled to find how much they loved it!


Non-Equity the Musical! was written, cast, and put up in an Off-Broadway theatre in less than eight months with only six chairs and an acting block. The reason why it has happened so quickly is because people love the show!


With hard work, passion, support, and enthusiasm we are so happy to have Non-Equity the Musical! be part of the New York City International Fringe Festival. We can only hope to have this show continue on this phenomenal journey!


Danielle Trzcinski and Paul D Mills

Writers of Non-Equity the Musical!

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